Keith Eats & Drinks Everything At Dunkin Donuts

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A feast unlike any other! Keith is taking on the challenge of eating AND drinking everything on the menu at Dunkin Donuts! 🍩☕
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The Unwanted Mango
The Unwanted Mango - Time siden
Keith in this video reminds me of my dad and it’s kinda strange
Casey Orduno
Casey Orduno - Time siden
He should do a Eegees eat the menu 😂😂
Jesse Lindelauf
Jesse Lindelauf - 2 timer siden
It's got a little runway on it hahaha
and the constant printing, did you take the printer?
Elizabeth Brigham
Elizabeth Brigham - 2 timer siden
In highschool my principal would put on one of those classic cure frilly aprons and just set up hot plates in our media room and make us pancakes and just serve us all pancakes all day. He was a 40yo man. A little strange. Bur sweet? 😂
WayVz - 3 timer siden
I have Dunkin every day befor school and this is so funny to see people that are not from New England think about Dunk and I also have a Dunkin Donuts sighn In my room
Rachel lollipops
Rachel lollipops - 4 timer siden
daddy's favorite donut
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 5 timer siden
I'm not sure I'd buy hot sauce from someone who is the human embodiment of wonder bread.
Wolfkinzz - 5 timer siden
he's gonna have one good time in the bathroom after all that
Tiona Nelson
Tiona Nelson - 5 timer siden
my favorite thing ever is the frozen coffee with caramel swirl
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 5 timer siden
That was my childhood at the pool big league chew, slushy and a mini pizza.
famida ahmed
famida ahmed - 5 timer siden
the iced coffee tasted bad coz they didn't have cream and sugar, and frozen one did!
Douple o Nature
Douple o Nature - 5 timer siden
So basically Keith barfs at bad coffee he drank.
Ashley Ramcharan
Ashley Ramcharan - 6 timer siden
Anyone else notice he said egg Mcmuffin at 4:41
TJay Holmey
TJay Holmey - 6 timer siden
This the same as playing Russian roulette. You could die of metabolic disease or if your lucky you will survive.
cre8tivj cre8tivj
cre8tivj cre8tivj - 6 timer siden
I used to go to Dunkin Donuts for their chicken bacon on chibata every once and a while before school.... untill they discontinued it... then I got sad. But then they introduced this clipolte bacon thing and I loved it... untill they discontinued it... BROUGHT IT BACK... and then discontinued it. Moral of the story, I don't have many happy times at Dunkin
stev6963 - 6 timer siden
I fucking love Dunkin’, man. I never knew how good it was because it’s fairly new to CO but I have been literally getting the Iced Caramel Coffee with cream & sugar and a Jelly Donut for breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY for months before work and it’s a problem.
Seriously, that jelly donut is so good like I want it right now. 😭
Skyler A
Skyler A - 7 timer siden
Keith cam and rome need a show together forever
Sofia Cabrera
Sofia Cabrera - 8 timer siden
32:16 🤣 thank me later
Xksray - 9 timer siden
You guys need to try Jollibee!!
Kiley - 9 timer siden
The cappuccino blasts are exquisite
Jarl Lillebø
Jarl Lillebø - 10 timer siden
With a menu like this, I'd be thoroughly misled. I'd expect Dunkin Donuts to have, well, donuts :p This is just every fast food joint ever, plus donuts.
iridesa galaxy
iridesa galaxy - 11 timer siden
In my highschool band when it's really cold outside the band directors do give us hot chocolate i love band
Myles Laurin
Myles Laurin - 11 timer siden
Hehe it was me
Sabrewolf - 11 timer siden
Oh man I died when she offered him milk, he was thinking yup let’s add some lactose intolerance on top of my upset stomach.
Seth Leel
Seth Leel - 12 timer siden
Great video but the sausage confusion at the start can be answered the square one is Lorne sausage which is a Scottish thing also great for curing a hangover the circle was just sausage meat
Sabrewolf - 12 timer siden
That was my childhood at the pool big league chew, slushy and a mini pizza.
John Marston
John Marston - 13 timer siden
Miles looks very very much like my English teacher. Fun fact- my English teacher is my favourite teacher.
Sierra Chase
Sierra Chase - 13 timer siden
Okay, I was a barista for years and he's confusing me. Because at Starbucks yes, you can order a caramel macchiato but you can order an espresso macchiato which is express, a little milk, and foam. You just have to know how to actually order it. And for cappuccino vs latte, it's about the milk and the foam. Typically a cappuccino has less milk than a latte and more foam.
Theo - 14 timer siden
I need NEED Keith to eat everything at Tim Horton's
Cameron Dominguez
Cameron Dominguez - 14 timer siden
Okay how big is dunkins fuckin menu if the vid is almost an hour long.
Calvin Hess-Nielsen
Calvin Hess-Nielsen - 14 timer siden
I feel like the shot is missing a black couch??? Where have I seen this before?
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor - 15 timer siden
anyone gonna tell miles he can get a regular macchiato at starbucks or....?
Me_I_And_This_Guy Four
Me_I_And_This_Guy Four - 16 timer siden
Keith has never looked whiter than when he did shakabruh 🤙
Andrea Wallace
Andrea Wallace - 17 timer siden
it’s quinn-z not quinn-c
Megan K
Megan K - 17 timer siden
Im sorry but I know they did not just share drinks
Kixtri - 17 timer siden
Keith: *Burps*
Miles: Bless you
Taylor Clayson
Taylor Clayson - 18 timer siden
You said Jared Popkin... I heard cherry pumpkin 🤭
ShaqtiNoah - 18 timer siden
All hail the watcher
Sange - 19 timer siden
The iced coffee should be enjoyed with a straw... They looks all melted and the swirl is all at the bottom gotta stir it! ❤️
Cisco Francisco
Cisco Francisco - 19 timer siden
They gave me a SACK
Anacristina Ruiz figueroa
Anacristina Ruiz figueroa - 19 timer siden
Lol imagine Dunkin Doughnuts workers watching this 😂🤡
Kassandra Kategianes
Kassandra Kategianes - 20 timer siden
White people use the pluckers toothpicks....toothpick+floss=win 😜😜 They were a great compliment to this. Your humor meshed great!
AVERIE BIKER - 20 timer siden
Keith is gonna be awake the whole night that’s for sure-
Kappa Dan
Kappa Dan - 20 timer siden
There was a moment cater drinking all that coffee that Keith was the most powerful apex predator on the planet.
Misbah Abdul Jabbar
Misbah Abdul Jabbar - 21 time siden
46 MINUTES LONG!!! OH MY GOD Im gonna have to take some time out to watch this completely🤣
Cartoon High
Cartoon High - 22 timer siden
The Black men were very funny. Please bring them back. It was a great...change of scenery, if you know what I mean.
Krypz - 23 timer siden
Why I’ll never interact with straight men;Reason 432 : they don’t mix their iced coffees
cocoanutt27 - Dag siden
I enjoyed the input from Miles. I love coffee but don't know much about it. Thank you, Miles!
LightWarrior Kaz
LightWarrior Kaz - Dag siden
"The chocolate gives it a certain Muskiness. It's a dark, musky flavor"
Shane....bitter. bitter is the word you're thinking of.
Theturtleowl - Dag siden
The drinks just kept on comming, together with the sugar and caffeine.
Landon does gaming
Landon does gaming - Dag siden
Tennessee do got the best food
Sophie PL
Sophie PL - Dag siden
canadian viewers know that munchkins are just copy cat tim bits from tim hortons
K Driscoll
K Driscoll - Dag siden
Dunkin iced coffee tastes like cigarettes... my friends and I all agree that's the weird taste it leaves in your mouth. Do we all still buy it after 2pm because it's only $2? You bet your ass we do.
Olivia Ferrier
Olivia Ferrier - Dag siden
I love how the more Keith eats the drunker he seems
123littlefly - Dag siden
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Dag siden
Ok so in defense of Americanos: it’s a lot less acidic than “normal” coffee, so for people who are sensitive to acid it’s worth it.
Jessica George
Jessica George - Dag siden
this was filmed on my birthday
Emma Avery
Emma Avery - Dag siden
As someone who faces the mobs for this all the dang time, I don’t care for Dunkin’ Donuts. I like their breakfast sandwiches and such fine, but their donuts are kinda dry in my opinion (yes I’ve had them fresh, I’m just a Krispy Kreme girl) and I also am not impressed with the coffee.
It’s not hatred, it’s just that I have places I like better for all the things they have.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Dag siden
ommmg Ryan and Shane my babbiiieesss
Brenna R
Brenna R - Dag siden
I’m just waiting for a wawa eat the menu
Monica C
Monica C - Dag siden
"I don't know if white people use them, outside of Razor Ramon."
I had to go back and watch that part again because I was looking at something on my phone and suddenly heard Razor Ramon, and then I couldn't stop laughing omg lmao
Marlee Shanahan
Marlee Shanahan - Dag siden
Ok hear me out Keith needs to try every Ben and Jerrys ice cream flavour
Alex Verich
Alex Verich - Dag siden
Go to Culver’s next
Nina Harrod
Nina Harrod - Dag siden
that was turkey sausage not beyond sausage :'^(
firebabiee - Dag siden
the only thing i'm willing to drink is DD's mint hot chocolate.
poobeye - Dag siden
why did they eat the vanilla creme donut twice?
Kat Scratch
Kat Scratch - Dag siden
Why didn’t they get someone who LIKES sweet iced coffees to help him taste the iced coffees. He just doesn’t like sweet coffee.
Becca - Dag siden
I worked at a DD for a summer. The "swirl" iced coffee, essentially means you took the cup, filled it with ice, cream, sugar, and "swirl" based on the size of the cup. So not only do you have straight-up cream and sugar, but you also get the swirl, which was just high fructose corn syrup some thickening agents, and the concentrated flavors. It was just a sweet sticky mess. I don't like coffee anyway but I knew that stuff was especially nasty.
Parsa Ghorbani
Parsa Ghorbani - Dag siden
Becky’s face reminds me of josh peck
Parsa Ghorbani
Parsa Ghorbani - Dag siden
Boston kreme is the best
Parsa Ghorbani
Parsa Ghorbani - Dag siden
Eat with you mouth closed.
misslaura317 - Dag siden
I appreciate Mile's coffee info! Thx!
Curtis Harvie
Curtis Harvie - Dag siden
Muffins? apple fritters?
Chelsea Franklin
Chelsea Franklin - Dag siden
he mentioned coronavirus and they’re sharing drinks..?
Vitch B
Vitch B - Dag siden
ommmg Ryan and Shane my babbiiieesss
Megan Nation
Megan Nation - Dag siden
My favorite part of these is watching Keith get more lethargic with each section of the menu
xlaramausx1 - Dag siden
It is sad to see the amount of plastic and food that gets wasted for a video like this !!! I don’t support or like this format. Maybe you can figure out a more sustainable version so there is some kind of positive message! Also one reason these videos get lots of clicks is cause people with eating disorders watch this to feel better! I thought you were more aware of your content and message!
Mariah Mauke
Mariah Mauke - Dag siden
“Chips, fries, petty tweets” sent me
Kelandry Yemrot
Kelandry Yemrot - Dag siden
i need more miles going off about coffee
Annie Amann
Annie Amann - Dag siden
You really forget how white Keith is until there are some non-white people on the show.
Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall - Dag siden
I found the magic formula for a good flavored iced coffee from Dunkin:
-Swirl flavor of your choice
-2 creams ONLY
-no sugar, no flavor shot
Tony Ly
Tony Ly - Dag siden
none of the donuts Shane or Ryan liked enough to warrant a chef's kiss